The Countdown Is On

Only 4 days until Halloween and there's still MUCH to do! There's only 5 days until I start my mini Whole30 plan. So while I'm not doing the ENTIRE 30 days, I will be taking a stab at it for 21 days total. I might pick it up again after Thanksgiving and try the weeks in between Turkey Day and Christmas as well. Here is the official list of rules for this diet.

Whether your counting calories or macros, it's important to keep your goals in mind this weekend. Before in the past, all rules went out the window for me on holidays. This weekend, everything will be gluten, dairy, and soy free. It won't quite be paleo, AND most of it will have added sugars (sans the pot roast and the deviled eggs) but I do plan to keep my macros and my sugar grams in check.

Here's a helpful candy guide to keep your goals in mind.

And don't forget to get in your 30mins for the day!

Blessings Everyone,

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