Spooky Halloween Workout from Purely Twins

This Tuesday's workout is jammed packed with overall body training, from Purely Twins. If you do each exercise for 30 seconds it will take around a minute to do, but if you do 12 rounds of it, that's approximately 36minutes!
I might have to give this workout a go! (You'll want to click the picture to enlarge it.)

On Friday I tried the zombies, run! app, it was so much fun! It had a great little story-line for my first "mission" aka run. However, I didn't realize that run was suppose to be 45minutes long, so when I had finished what I set out to to for the night, I wasn't sure why I had 15minutes left. While on the run, it gives you a chance to collect supplies such as a tool box, clothes, first aide kits, etc. But there is someone talking to you in your head phones explaining how close or how far away the zombies are. When the sonar beeps like the zombies are close it kind of freaked me out! So much so that I was jumping every time a bunny crossed my path. Which was 3 times! So I was into it. They also call the walkers "Zoms". It's a great app, it's free, I recommend giving it a try!