The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Workout Routine

I love running. I talk about it often enough on this blog that I'm sure it's a given how much I support the first rule of zombieland. But if you're a beginner just starting out fighting off the undead with a 3mile run might not be so easy.

There is a great app out there called Zombies, Run! It's a fun app that other others have actually started using just to pump up their runs! I plan to try it out tonight after work. In prepping for my upcoming costume run! I fully intend on being a zombie pirate. Go big or go home. I digress. Try the app out. Conditioning is best for the impending rise of walker nation. The app is free but if you upgrade to pro you can change the speed of the Z's to either help push you a little or a lot.

Pretty much every zombie movie or show you will see, there will undoubtedly be a scene or 7 of people RUNNING from zombies. Survival depends on being able to flee when you are outnumbered. The farther away they are the better chance for survival you have. That is why it's the first rule of dooms day.
(Although my aunt likes to joke that you'd have a better chance of survival on a bike, which touche, but not everyone will be able to find a bike in the apocalypse and it leaves you unprotected, should you be surrounded you'll probably first lose the bike to get away.)

Equally important in training for the Apocalypse are body weight exercises. Just check out Michonne's fitness routine that keeps her zombie killing A game top notch. Might have to attempt this workout as well this weekend.

Burpees, boat crunches, spider push ups, leg lifts. Remember to switch it up to include both sides of your body. I would recommend doing a 1 mile run, 3 rounds of the Michonne workout, followed by another 1 mile run. Don't forget to add in a few jumping jacks for good measure.
Most importantly, practice with your weapon of choice regularly to stay sharp.

So that way when the undead do inevitably rise, you'll be ready. 

Blessings everyone!
Only 2 days till the Walking Dead!!!!