The Zombie Combat Manual Diet Recommendations

For wordy Wednesday I thought it might be fun to share an exert from the Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fight the Living Dead on Roger Mae's suggested diet recommendations during an apocalypse.

"Diet warrants only the briefest discussions. This is because during a zombie outbreak, you will most likely not have the luxury of eating properly. Depending on the length of infestation and availability of supplies in your region, you may not be able to consume a balanced diet for very long, and may soon be eating for survival, not balanced nutrition." 

Roger Mae's, author of The Zombie Combat Manual, states that his biggest advice for minor infestations or outbreaks, besides what you should be able to find in your pantry would be a high-calorie nutrition bar. "Typically eaten by endurance athletes, mountain climbers, and soldiers, these nutrient-dense bars supply vitamins, minerals, and calories for active individuals."

I personally suggest Alt Lara Bars, which has 10g of protein from pea protein and all natural ingredients.

Or if you do consume dairy Quest bars are also really good.

Protein bars are portable--something in high need when on the move from walkers.

Roger goes onto to say "a modest undead epidemic, you should consume a normal quantity of food as long as you possibly can while monitoring your overall food supply. Do not ration yourself to strictly, particularity at the outset of an infestation. Remember, your body will need to expend a considerable amount of energy to sustain your muscle mass and endurance while you are fending off attackers, reinforcing your stronghold, and evacuating the area if necessary."

"In fact, it is to your advantage if you carry a few extra pounds on your frame, which your body can use as stored energy if supplies run low. Without an adequate amount of fat on the body and minimal food intake, your system will burn the only energy source available-muscle mass."

Ms. Fitness spoke of this while I was training for my last run. I need to eat a high carb meal before and after a run to fuel my body. Burn fat instead of muscle. It's made a difference in my training regime. Keep this in mind when fending off the undead. Carbs are your friends during an all out hostile takeover.

During large scale attacks it's good to keep in mind that food sources will be severely limited. You'll need to "consume anything edible in order keep your body functioning..In the most dire of outbreak scenarios, you may need to survive on the poorest of food choices-soda, candy bars, and snack foods-because these items are generally plentiful and contain enough preservatives to prevent them from turning rancid for years."

Roger warns though that you should only use this method until you're able to hunt and seek out healthier food options and/or choices.

His biggest advice is "During times of peace, you are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet composed mainly of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. You should avoid meals consisting entirely of simple or processed carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar, which cause excessive spikes in energy levels followed by spiraling lows." He warns to not be focused on your actual weight on the scale. "...focus instead on your overall fitness level. The healthier you are during times of tranquility the longer you will survive during a time of undead chaos"

For more ways to prep yourself for an undead attack buy the book, I have included the link above.

Blessings Everyone,