Today's Collect: Post Race, Candy, and Exercise

While I didn't place or even win the costume contest, I had a great run. It was a good time spent with my dad and might look at doing it again next year.

I'm pretty competitive, so I was disappointed that I didn't place but I'm also a huge nerd and used some...basic math(?), to figure out how I placed overall.

Overall I finished 28th out of 74 Finished in the top 38%
Gender: 11 of 47 Finished in the top 23%
Division (I'm assuming this means age) 5 of 12 Finished in the top 42%

So I divided the smaller number by the bigger number to see my percentage. Took those 3 numbers to find my average for the race. My over score is the top 34% of the race...and well..yep I'm going to justify that as doing well. LOLOL

I was a little slower than I had liked but I didn't stop and I felt great. I think being back on almost a nearly strictly paleo diet has made feel better gut health wise. I was the only dressed up as a scary would have been awkward but I was having too much fun to care too much.

There's pops crossing the finish line. He did really good too! We had a ton of fun. The course definitely had gently rolling hills but I was able to take them. Felt pretty good about it. We were also treated to this beautiful picture.

One of my favorite bible verses. Genesis 9:16 "And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the ever lasting covenant between God and every living creature of all the flesh that is upon the Earth."
I love this verse for many reasons. Partly because I was part of an organization called International Order of Rainbow for Girls. But it also reminds to keep the bigger picture in mind. When life gets overwhelming that God keeps his promises. 

I've been doing a great job at sticking to my diet and my cheat days. I lost this week. Only a few more pounds to go to be back in my goal weight but otherwise, I'm already feeling better. The one thing I have to remember is that I can't out exercise a bad diet. Part of what makes a bad diet is too much Halloween candy. The Hemi had a great post on the fooducate blog about avoiding the BIG mistake on Halloween.

Which is to not eat many candies out of the trick or treat containers. Because 1 little candy may only be 50 calories. But only that 1 is 50 calories. You end up eating four and your looking at 200 calories. How many grams of processed and added sugar? One night out of the year isn't bad. Do your thing, for sure, but keep in mind Hemi's next important rule. Check it out over at Avoid this one Big Halloween Mistake.

If you feel the need to exercise after the candy you down, here's a chart to keep in mind.

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Blessings Everyone,