Zombie Apocalypse Training Crossfit Style

Two things to discuss today. 1st I'm posting the 2nd to last round of Halloween inspired workouts, and my new meal planning idea moving forward.

1st. I found this awesome info graph over at Wobalong, it's about an older gentlemen who shares his love of biking and getting healthy enough to age into retirement. Take a look around at his personal blog. He is kind of funny and shares his love of mountain biking and gaming.

The info graph that brought me over to his website though was this big daddy! (Side note this is where the ORIGINAL graph came from. Miramont Lifestyle in Colorado) Also...click to enlarge

It's a tough workout if you can get your hands on all the of equipment needed but trust and believe (as long as you don't over do it) You'll get into prime zombie fighting action in no time!

First Step:: Roll a Tire of a Hill
Second Step:: Flipping same tire across a flat surface
Third Step:: Instead of a sledge hammer a weighted ball would work good here too. It's the action of slamming down that helps with the muscles targeted. Great for taking out a weaker zombies.
Or use kettle bell swings for this step. 
Fourth Step:: I'm cool if you omit this step...because quite honestly I'm still not sure I understand how it works...other than it helps you smash zombie heads...witch you can do that with a any sharp object.
Fifth Step:: If you have a sack of potatoes lying around this is great!
Sixth Step:: Batter Up! Practice those good swings, and aim to send zombie heads into the bleachers.

It's things like this that make me want to create my own personal gym. One with inside/outside capabilities.

Moving on. I normally weigh myself on Fridays. But today...for some reason I wanted to weigh myself. Not sure that was a great idea. I've gained .4 since last week. I'll reweigh myself in the morning just in case as weight EASILY fluctuates throughout the week, but I want to make sure I'm consistently losing, not gaining.

I'm changing up how I'm eating again. Continuing to lower carbs, still going to eat 5 meals a day, but now it will be more like 3 meals and 2 snacks. I have been asking myself what is the purpose. Why do I want to lose 10lbs? I think because I know that all of last year I maintained and this is the first major weight I've gained so being on my PCOS/Hypothyroid diet. With the help of a co-worked I am going to PART of her Whole 30 program with her.

I'm not committing to a Whole 30 days. Mostly because we all know how much I love Halloween, but my birthday is also mid-November. So what I am committing to is 3 Whole Weeks of Whole 30. LOLOL, Not quite long enough to get the full range benefits of the whole 30, but enough that it hopefully sets me up for more healthier and mindful habits. D-Day is November 1st.

(Picture of shopping list list week...If you're new to my blog, the Man aka my hubby does NOT eat the same way I do...hence where there's chocolate milk on this weeks list)

The hardest thing will be switching from nut butters to actual nuts....that will be SUPER TOUGH! Although...can I have almond butter if it doesn't have sugar???Also not consuming coconut or almond milk...I mean really, who has time to make their own almond milk?
Although, kudos to you if you do. I have so much to learn.
Hopefully the last 10lbs will come off and then stay off through the Holidays with mindful eating.

Alright, D-Day starts next Sunday. Until then I'm off to continue this weeks meal planning.