1 Week Countdown

It's officially the one week countdown until Thanksgiving. I decided to skip the madness this year and do two weeks worth of grocery shopping, so now I don't have to go back next week! Makes me one happy camper...other then I forgot a few things, which I'll pick up later, but mostly, won't have to go back! I hope I am able to actually stay away from the stores altogether until the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

Anyway...I digress. I will post my 2 week meal plan tomorrow. For now, here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas I have come across for having a healthy Thanksgiving.

My number 1 rule for next week::
80/20. Load you plate up with plenty of protein and fresh vegetables! Drink plenty of water. Keep alcohol intake to just 1...(okay 2 servings.) and when heading up to the dessert buffet 1 of two things I suggest doing here.
First take a small plate up. You're less likely to over indulge when you can see how much room isn't on your plate. 2nd, don't hang out by the desserts. Casually eating the last bit of pie crust or pumpkin cookies, or even small spoonfuls of the trifle will start to add up.

Check out this awesome Buzzfeed list on 13 Healthy Thanksgiving Tricks That No One will Even Notice

Or if you have been encouraged, haha yeah right, by my mini whole 30--cough more like a pretend attempt cough cough-- then check out this link over at Whole 9 Life on how to have a totally guilt free, tasty Thanksgiving.

On Saturday, I'll have more Gluten Free Thanksgiving recipes that you will definitely want to try.

Blessings Everyone,