Create Your Own Rules

As Friendsgiving quickly approached on Sunday night, not only was I busy with family I just didn't get time to post. I also came home to my husband taking his hunters safety course, which has eluded us into some crazy wifi problems. I'm not sure how that all works, all I can tell you is it starts to run slower at a certain point in the night.

However, while at Friendsgiving, I went ahead and partook in some canned cranberry sauce. I just feel like it's not Thanksgiving unless you have cranberry sauce. Normally I make my own. (I liked this recipe from Cook Eat Paleo, last year)
But to my great dismay, I forgot to pack them. So I wasn't able to make them :(

But I basically decided Sunday night was my last 'detox' day. I officially made it 13 whole days and MOSTLY through the 14th day.

Yesterday was also my birthday, therefore I allowed myself pizza (gluten free of course) and a few treats.

It was a pretty good day. The biggest lesson from my tiny-mini-itty-bitty whole 30, was that I am in charge of my food. While I was chowing down on some delicious chocolate though, I had to take a minute and really settle myself.

The truth is I am a sugar fiend. I could eat it all day long and not care. I do great when I put restrictions on myself for the most part. I did great for those 2 weeks, but what I need to start doing is creating rules for when I will allow treats/cheats into my diet.

Since my birthday was yesterday and I am planning on celebrating with my family on Sunday, I've decided that I will do strictly low carb/paleo through Saturday.

After Sunday (when my birthday party with the family is) I will do low carb/Paleo until Thanksgiving. After that I would like to try the whole 30 again. Or rather just a very strict paleo diet. Monday through Friday, with treats on Friday & Saturday nights.

I've been pretty happy with how I look & how my clothes are fitting, so whatever the scale tells me on Friday, I plan to stick with that number & bump up my carbs to a maintaining level.

You have to do something that you are going to be able to live with. Something that BALANCES healthy with fun. I am doing really well sticking to my rule today. And having the next 2 weeks planned out is REALLY going to help me stay on track.
Create your own rules. Whether it's clean eating Monday through Friday with weekends off. No guilt! Concentrating on healthy food instead of concentrating on NOT having candy bars. Or if it's like me, no gluten/dairy/soy, but sometimes allowing for dairy, because cheese is delicious. You have to do what's going to help you & make you happy, not what's going to deprive you and steal your joy.If you can't allow yourself to enjoy the journey, you're setting yourself up for failure.

If you need help creating rules for your diet, talk to a trained professional about what would work best for you. Whether it's a doctor, a nutritionist, or dietitian.Find one that specializes in different diets, that can really help support you.

I've got ideas too, if you need help ;)

Blessings everyone, thanks for stopping by!