Day 3 Detox: My Whole 21 Detox

The pun in the title line, is that I am sort of making my own path towards detoxing from sugar. You can read post 1 here, although it's not a spectacular post, lol, but I didn't have much time to write and despite what the post reads, I didn't publish it until after almost 11pm last night.

I digress. Anyway, day 3. Last night I dreamed of pizza. I must be doing SOMETHING right if I'm dreaming pizza dreams already.

However my tummy has felt sort of topsy turvy, thinking it might be the 'fat' I'm cooking with. Tomorrow when I go grocery I'll pick up coconut oil AND olive oil to help combat that.

I was almost undone by frosting today as I walked into work. I saw it and thought, yay, I could go for a spoonful of that, but I was strong and didn't. I brought all my meals to work today for the next two/three days. Planning ahead is key for staying on track.

Overall, I feel like I have more energy, but that could also be the Yogi Kombucha Green Tea I've been drinking, it has caffeine in it.

Which reminds me I also need to pick up more tea from the store. I used to really enjoy a certain brand (don't want to mention as I had what looked to be old packing of the tea, so they may have changed some of the ingredients) but after reading some of the labels I made the switch to yogi tea. It's amazing what you learn when you actually read labels. Why would someone put soy in tea?

My tea boxes are all empty!!! Time to stock up!

Today's lesson: Plan ahead, stay strong, read your labels. You got this.