Day 4 Detox

My tummy was upset again this morning...not sure if it's because my sinuses are draining or if I'm truly experiencing a sugar hangover/detox?

Either way, I feel much better this afternoon. I'm a little more amped up about detox (aka mini whole 30). The recipes are easy to recreate and modify for ingredients I may not be found of, but all in all I'm doing pretty good. Today I am a little tired. Somewhat emotional but not over the top. Still craving something super sweet though. So that's the tough part. Trying to stay away from the sugar and the candy and the deliciousness of...I better stop now.

Before moving on I forgot to link to this post the other day:: Sun-dired Tomato and Spinach Burgers
 I made a whole pound. I have enough for me for about 3 meals. And they are VERY GOOD!

Luckily I'll have passed my whole 21 detox by the time T-Day rolls around, so navigating the buffet table might be a pinch easier, but a few other things are still hard to avoid.

For instance the ham, don't consume the glaze. I understand it's thanksgiving so added sugar, NOT a huge deal, but it also has soybean oil in it. Yep...

Then instead of having 4 Thanksgivings this year I'm down to 1. 1 Thanksgiving Lunch and 1 dessert buffet.

I have to figure out an in between meal for the man and I, but's time to find those recipes and prepping for a healthy allergen friendly holiday.

I will be sharing more Thanksgiving recipes and new exercises in the posts to come but for now, I'm battling an aging laptop and the need for a snack. LOL


P.s. If you have an awesome Paleo Thanksgiving recipes I would LOVE to hear them!