Detox 5/6 ~ Trusting God

Yesterday was awful. And by awful I mean, SUPPPPERRRRR stressful. The first thing that I want when stress hits is food. More specifically is sugar or chocolate. I didn't know what I could do, as I am obviously, with this detox, trying to train my brain away from that.

So instead I rewarded myself with a non-food item. I got a mini-pedi at work. Now, I'm sure, like me, every time a bad day hits you don't exactly have $45-$60 to head to the salon to get your nails done. (Including tip and depending on where you live.) Luckily, I work at a salon so I got an employee discount and it was the best discount I've ever used.

It really made my day and I was able to just let go and quite honestly Let God. I need take a step back and just know that God is good. I felt him yesterday say to me, "Do you Trust Me?"

Do I trust him to handle my stress? To see me through this current conundrum. 

Tonight for dinner I made up Mexican Meatloaf from the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I'm telling you CHIPS would have been delicious with it! But I'm still a little sketchy on the rules. From what I understand you should not be recreating junk food with Paleo ingredients. So I steered clear of paleo approved chips tonight.

I know for sure you should stay away from making paleo muffins, cookies, pancakes etc. Which makes sense because those could be 'trigger' foods, or foods that are as the Whole 30 program says are 'sex with your pants on' foods. As in, paleo approved ingredients in pancakes are one step away from full blown real pancakes.
Eating even paleo approved pancakes can take away from more foods that would be more nutrient dense. Such as sweet potatoes. However, they don't want you to eat Paleo approved chips either because it's easy to get away from serving sizes! I can easily chow down an entire bag of sweet potato chips. No problem.

The point of whole 30 is to redirect your thoughts on least to me it is. First, it's to detox from the junk you've been eating. And while Whole 30 has different rules then I do, I am sticking pretty close to it.

I've noticed I LOVE something SWEET after each of my meals. I'm trying to rely on fruit after some meals but mostly just trying to NOT rely on that sweet taste. It's been good to cut out refined sugar. I am feeling empowered with out having junk or refined or processed foods.

You're not suppose to weigh yourself either during the whole 30. I will be since I am only doing this for 21 days. I lost this week, but because I gained last week I'm where I was 2 weeks ago. Only 6lbs to go before goal weight!

It should not be about weight. You should never attach yourself to a number, but I want to get within my range that I want to be in. my jeans are almost fitting better. I am also picking up more lifting days at the gym so that will help tone my muscles as well.

Thank you for listening and stopping by on this Friday. Hope you have a great weekend! I will be back either tomorrow or Sunday to post my clean eating meals from this past week.