Detox Timeline:: Phase 1:: Moody.

A post two days in a row? What? That's bananas!

I think I'm doing my detox wrong. I keep thinking about all the things I want to eat at the end of this detox. Although, it's all mental.

Physically I'm not craving anything other than more food.

I'm exhausted and moody and wondering if I'll be able to pull off another week and a half of NO SUGAR! Although if you follow the whole 30 timeline, I'm hitting these mood swings about a few days later then most. Okay a whole week.

I have my first Friendsgiving this year and it's on Sunday! 6 days before the end of my detox. 5 days before the end, I'm having dinner with one of my great friends. She drinks wine. I want wine. I want wine soooo bad. What should I even make for Friendsgiving? I'm going to have to do some major work to figure something out.

The one thing I did accomplish was getting my 1/2 a peck of apples peeled and cored. They now sit in the freezer waiting to be turned into delicious gluten/dairy/soy free apple crisp!

I can't wait....

I have to stop thinking about food, it's only making me more moody.
Which reminds, I need to post my menu for the last week and this week! I'll attempt that tomorrow.