It happened

Okay, one of the first rules of whole 30 is NO GRAINS...okay, it might not be the first rule, but it definitely goes against there rule of eating anything processed.

While I didn't break my added sugar OF ANY KIND streak, I did break my chip rule. Last night I had sweet potato chips and today I had corn chips. AGH! Okay, not the biggest screw up in the world, but I do want to be honest with those that do follow my tiny little journey.

I noticed right away though that I was reaching for the tums about an hour after I ate the corn chips. Not the sweet potato chips. I might have to count corn chips out, but since I didn't over do it, I actually feel pretty good.

I feel like I failed better this time. I think the biggest accomplishment for the week though, is I can honestly say this is probably the MOST stressed out I've been in a very long time. Or rather, this amount of stress I haven't felt in at least over a year. This is probably the 4th biggest stress season I've EVER experienced in my life. (If that gives you any indication of where on am on the 'eating cookies and gluten-free bon-bons to shaving your head Briteny Spears' stress-o-meter)

I just have to keep remembering to take it one day at a time. That's all I can do. 

Well, it's SUPER late, and I have a VERY LONG day ahead of me tomorrow. Pushing through day 14 of no sugar. I can do this.