Started My Detox

Things were SUPER crazy over the weekend! I had a GREAT Halloween though! We had 305 trick or treators!

Needless to say, but apparently I'm saying it anyway, there was a lot to get ready for. Our guests that were coming over, the trick or treators, the yard time for all the decorations. Costume shopping. The list goes on. 

Unfortunately life is still crazy and don't have a ton of time to post tonight. The patio is done though! Rejoice! So it looks like going into the colder months of the year and having this project wrapped up hopefully I'll be able to get back to regular posts and regular workouts!

Anyway, since I am not doing a full 30 days I can't technically call what I'm doing Whole 30. 
I'm also not doing the 21 day sugar detox because I'm not limiting my fruit to just green tipped bananas. I am eating whole foods. Minimally processed, no sugar added foods. I am not consuming dairy, soy, gluten, or legumes, or alcohol for the next 21 days.

Hoping this will in some way reset my system. I'm only on day 2, I don't have much to report other than tonight I was REALLY wanted M&M's! Doing sort of a modified version of Whole calls for no fake treats...or no paleo-fied treats, so this is cold turkey. 

One thing that I have discovered though is pan fried bananas and cinnamon. Delicious, with a capital D! You can use which ever Whole 30 approved oil you want. Slice up a banana and then saute it until the edges are brown. 

Side note: Also made my house smell wonderful!

I'll post more recipes tomorrow, such as the Sun dried tomato and spinach burgers!

For now, it's bed time!