Emotional & Acne Update

I'm still very emotional this week. Today I feel like crying and last night I almost snapped some poor woman's head off.

I ended up where I work last night, and they were having people get tested for sun damage to their skin, with this fancy machine.

I know have acne. You know I have acne. The estheticians I've been working closely with know I have acne...EVERYONE KNOWS I HAVE ACNE.

The poor woman last night saw my acne and said

"Do you eat dairy?"

"I did last week because I was incredibly stressed out. We had a death in the family and my cat died."

"Oh that's so unfortunate. Do you have hormone issues?"

"Yes, I have PCOS."

"Oh, well you should stop eating dairy. As well as anything with added hormones."

Insert blank face stare...

I'm just not in the mood to deal with...people...this week.

I need to get my hormones balanced back out. It takes time to do that. I did get inositol ordered last week. I'm very excited about that!

I know I need to watch the carbs more, I know I need to stop eating dairy (I have...again...stopped), It's just going to take time.

The world is testing my patience...

Awhile back I spoke of something I was getting to do with the estheticians here at work. They are giving me once weekly lumi light facials. We're doing a 12 week session and we are exactly half way through right now.
Lumi light was developed by NASA, although I can't any specific article on it, other than what the girls at the salon tell me...but here are what the lights help heal, specifically for acne.

Blue light is the shortest wave used. It reaches down into the skin’s pores to regulate and calm the oil glands, improving acne prone skin.
Green light is a longer wave reaching down to normalize the glands that regulate the coloring of the skin. This effect can decrease dark pigmentation spots, creating an even tone on the surface. It also reduces redness due to chemical irritation.
Yellow light extends down through the epidermis layer to reach the tiny blood vessels and lymph system. It is known for detoxifying the skin by stimulating blood circulation, thereby increasing the healing and health of the skin.
Red light is the longest wave, triggering repair throughout all layers of the skin. It is known to have a positive effect on the production of collagen and elastin, greatly improving hydration, firmness, and elasticity of the skin.

 For now, I'd like to show you my progress for the past 6 weeks...There are two from week 5, which was in the middle of all of my stress. All pictures are taken without makeup. You can tell week 4 I was making GREAT progress, but the stress of not eating well or taking care of myself set me back about two weeks I believe after that. Week 5 almost looks worse then week 1.

That's my face...in all it's glory. I think this will be a great reminder, if anything, why I should REALLY eliminate dairy from my diet. I have started switching to complete organic meats as well. Not just organic grass fed beef.
All I can do is keep trying right?
Keep progressing?
I reserve the right to fail better, as Joyce Meyer says.

I also have switched my face washing routine again...I have switched over to bioelements decongestant cleanser, moisture x10 (I also found out my skin, even though oily, was dehydrated!), Calmitude moisturizer, I've kept the L'Bri toner, and I did pick up a salicylic acid acne spot treatment gel. As well as the oil control matifier.

Here's to another day...