Meal Prep Multitasker

Meal prepping like a boss...Okay, maybe I haven't quite meal prepped like a TOTAL boss this week but I have meal prepped.

For me, I don't do all my meal prep in one day. I don't have that kind of time. Nor do I MAKE that kind of time. What I do, do is make it while I'm standing in the kitchen, if I happen to be making dinner, most of the time I'll end up making and packing my lunch too. The other night when we pulled out the Christmas tree, I made breakfast for the next 4 days.

I made egg whites 'muffins' and pumpkin pancakes. It has been a VERY delicious breakfast for the last 3 days. Egg muffins were very easy. I poured 1 container (Although I would only pour in about half or 3/4 of one next time...I had HUGE muffins) of egg whites, a bunch of chopped vegetables, and some diced ham in a bowl, added seasonings, mixed it up then dished the mixture into a muffin pan.
Baked at 350 degrees F, for about 30mins, till eggs puffed and when inserting a knife came back out clean.

So in the morning all I had to do was slice an apple, spread 2tbs of peanut butter on top of the pancakes, warm it all up in the microwave and viola, breakfast in 5 minutes or less.

I ate my last batch of pancakes today though :( this morning, I stayed home and worked out my arms, while watching scandal. While these two recipes baked in the oven.

Breakfast Pumpkin Custard
Chicken Florentine Meatballs -- in all honesty I used my own recipe, just too lazy to post it right now and didn't take pictures. The point is, I MADE MEATBALLS, LOL and I got it done and I am eating super healthy this week.

The hubby and I got in a conversation about how I'm eating this week, and he said that I don't have any self control...or rather..I like to ignore portion control...
I explained to him that I'm pretty much all or nothing. I'm very extreme with eating SUPER healthy or not at all. My aim over the next however long it will take is to work on balance.

I can't believe everything I've said no to this week without feeling deprived. Do you know how many m&m's I turned away from?

M&M's are a weakness. Especially the peanut butter ones.

I will need a small treat this week, I pulled out my pumpkin no bake cookies...and I know I will be looking a Christmas Cookie Paleo style cookies here soon...but it's all about the balance.

Speaking of which...gotta get off the computer & back to work!