The At Home Workout

I posted this workout to my Facebook page on Sunday. It was too cold for this little Ms. to be running, even though I had packed my gear.
However with the height of the cold this morning I was in no mood to be going out in the cold, to get in my vehicle, drive to the gym, get out into the cold again, just to go back into the warmth again. All the changing of temperatures is probably what brought on this dang thing in the first place...whatever...I digress...isn't that the usual though?


I wanted to know if it was really a good idea to be exercising while you don't feel well, according to Mayo Clinic "exercise is usually okay if the symptoms are above the neck. Typically anything associated with a common cold such as a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, or minor sore throat." They even stated that exercise may help you feel better by opening the nasal passages and temporarily relieving nasal congestion.
However, if symptoms are below the neck, such as hacking, coughing, or upset stomach, it's better to rest then to exercise.
Also, if you do chose to workout with the "above the neck common cold" remember to reduce time and intensity of each workout until you feel better enough to go full force.

I found this great workout from Back On Pointe Tumblr (Okay, I found the pin on Pinterest which is from Tumblr. I don't know how to Tumblr.)

It really works your glutes. Loved the workout on Sunday was perfect. I felt like I got in a decent workout but didn't take a lot of time. Today, I did this circuit twice this morning. I accomplished it in about 25 minutes.

 Alright it's after 10, I'm exhausted. Night ya'll