Activities Instead of Eating

I'm in a mood. Not just any mood, but I'm just...angry. It's the worst. I can't even tell you why. Could be that I'm attempting my hand at contacts. I enjoy that I can enjoy life without the hassle of cleaning of glasses, but my eyes hurt and haven't adjusted to them just yet. I tapped out after 5 hours today of wearing them.

I'll go off on a different tangent if I don't step away from that right now...ANYWAY...things are just a little stressful right now. Not bad...we've been in rougher spots then this but it just takes a lot to come back from the Holidays, doesn't it?

Especially when you don't get paid for time off. Again, I digress. I am an emotional eater. I either eat anything and everything when I'm stressed or nothing at all. By consuming a 90% clean eating diet it's really changed my relationship with food. (Which, it's funny to thing about having a relationship with food.)

But when you have a healthy or healthier relationship with food it becomes harder to abuse foods that should really be in the 20 category of the 80/20 diet. You have the tendency to not eat the entire bag or m&m's or chips.

It's fine if you do that once in a blue moon, but not every night when you come home from work. OR even really once a week.

I came across this great article over at Happy Food Healthy Life called 50 Ways to Get Through Life's Rough Moments Without Turning to Food.
She even has a great list of things to do instead of turning to food in all of life's situations.

I love this list. I myself checked out a book from the library earlier this evening. Can't wait to start reading.