Adventures in the Supplement Aisle Part 1

I'm starting to feel more even again. More myself. I had to poor nights of sleep this weekend which has lead to a twiching in my eyebrow and is leaving me quite annoyed.

Therefore I have to keep tonight's post a bit short so that I can not only go to bed early, but mostly rest my eyes.

Tonight I wanted to talk about supplements again. There is a science behind some supplements out in the world. Such as people in the midwest should take more Vitamin D, recommended amount 2,000-3,000 iu's, because we don't get as much as people on the coast. Women need more than men. Things of that nature, but while I was at my pharmacy picking up my Vitamin D, I also wondered if there were any other supplements I should be taking.

I am a good regime of 2x daily vitamin D, calcium/magnesium, cranberry, fish oil, folic acid, cinnamon, inositol, and a multivitamin. (I have stopped taking B-12 and replaced it with inositol. and those other two supplements I was thinking of taking, I didn't end up taking. LOL...I'm onto new adventures as you'll see below.)

Not a handful, but quite a few supplements.

We should always get as much of our supplements from food and from the earth as possible. Even your doctor will tell you that. As well it would appear that the FDA does not regulate the control of supplements. Which means each brand won't be as good as the next and there's not exactly a perfect well to tell if 1) that it's working and 2) how much you should take.

I'm feeling pretty good about what I take. My doctor knows what I am taking (although I get a pretty funny look when I tell her that I am taking inositol...doctors in the midwest have no clue what it is. I've been told if it helps to keep taking it but I've also been told NOT to take it...I'll leave it up to you.

There's such a vast array of medications that you almost I REALLY need ALL of that?

No. Not exactly. Cinnamon may be helpful for diabetics. If you're not a diabetic then you probably don't need to be taking it. Waste of matter how good it tastes.

While I don't have diabetes, I am a candiate, due to my PCOS for developing insulin resistance/diabetes...I hope I'm saying that right...I'm not a doctor...

Anyway, I digress...walking through the supplement aisle I took a closer look at black cohosh, acetyl l-carnitine HCI, and L-Argiine

    Black Cohosh is actually good for menopausal women, lucky me I don't need it! Yet, but it works well for hot flashes, menopause, irritability, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. Check out WebMd for more information if this might be something you'd be interested in.
FIRST talk to your doctor though before taking ANYTHING! The only reason I researched it was because the label said that is helps support normal hormone levels in women, more specifically for women going through the change of life. Those labels will get you if you're not careful. Always do your research and talk to your doctor.

The second supplement I picked up and wondered about was Acetyl L-Carnitine. It says that it helps energy support and antioxidant health. When you head over to WebMd though, it's a supplement best supported and used for men.

This label claims that it supports effects of exercise. One article in on PubMed says it has no effect on recovery time for men in the heat...I feel like this brings up more questions then answers. Mostly...why heat?

Using this supplement after after having a total knee artoplasty combined with a few other supplemtns may help prevent the loss of muscle strength.

However the nail in the coffin, for me, on this one was this report from PubMed stating that the supplement does not enhance blood flow and muscle performance in healthy and physically active older women. While I'm not older, still not enough research to prove that it would be beneficial for me. For now, I'll save my money.
However it is only one study...maybe we'll know more in the future. Check out PubMed though for other uses it might have mixed along with a few other supplements.
for now, I'll stick to what I'm already taking.

Alright I'm off to rest.