Happy New Year!

The other night I got to thinking about how we as women feel like we have to create excuses for the way we look. As in "I am so sorry my hair is a mess. I was super busy today." ;"I was at work all day and didn't have time to get cleaned up."
Whatever the excuse for whatever reason...how much of our lives do we spend apologizing for things that don't even really matter?

I am not a polished individual. Most of the time my hair is frizzed from the blow dryer in the winter, and my acne spots will show pretty clearly under a pound of makeup on most days.

So why do I feel bad about it? I shouldn't. It's who I am.

I am a girl who can run a 9 minute mile but still doesn't know how to curl her hair. I love to wear dresses but still can't walk in heels. I love to dance and sing like no one is watching. I love binge watching Netflix with the Mr and the dog. I love cooking and baking, I'm not always good at it, but it brings me joy.

These are the things that matter. Joy. Being with those you love. Not if you hair is perfectly coiffed.

This year I would like to be unapologetic-ally me.

In years past I've gone over board with New Years Resolutions. Vowing to lose tons of weight only to fail because the goal was too big. I wanted to read more, which is a great goal, but this year I really just need to simplify. To take each day as it comes. Focus one meal, one day at a time. Accept that I won't be perfect. That I'll mess up, get off track, but ultimately, I'll be kind to myself. I'll love my myself. 

Here's to a new year and more self love.