Heathy-ish "A Me Centered Diet"

I am focused on eating a well balanced, clean diet. It's moderately paleo but every now and again I will cheat a little. Or rather treat myself.

Right now I am focusing on eating a vegetable with every meal. Eating a minimum of 4 times of day. Drinking plenty of water and tea. Watching sugars and carbohydrate intake more closely.

A Me Diet. A diet plan/lifestyle that fits into my life and my needs. My sensitive tummy/PCOS needs.

I am changing my relationship with food. I love paleo food. I love making Paleo creations and it REALLY seems to work for me.

You have to do what works for you. I will never tell you to that the Paleo lifestyle is the absolute way to go. That will it fix all of your problems, but what I will tell you is what's worked for me.

I recently read two article about giving up on Fad Diets.
The first was from My Fitness Pal Blog -- 3 Reasons to Give up on Fad Diets

From The Atlantic -- 'In the Defense of Food and the rise of Healthy-ish' 
A great article that, while sort of pointing their finger in the direction of Paleo Diets & the Whole 30, does say that eating Mostly healthy is the right idea. Unless you are an extreme athlete or training or under guidance for you doctor, 80/20 is really what it's all about.

" The problem with giving things up, though, is that inevitably it creates a void in one’s diet that only Reese’s pieces and a family-sized wheel of brie can fill." 

These are ABSOLUTE must read articles. Ones to be read and re-read. 

You have to find what works for you. Not over eating. Not under eating. Not strict eating...maybe if you're trying to take major bounds definitely take a good hard look at what your eating. It's hard to stay away from our down falls. Let's face it, I love sugar. I love french fries. I love M&M's and buttered popcorn. It's not that I can't have those things, it's that I need to have them in moderation. 

On the Morning News Shows lately they have been talking a TON about how to lose weight in the New Year. They had John Cena on the Today show or Good Morning America earlier last week. When questioned how he got 6 pack abs and what his secret was, he simply stated "Do something and eat smart."

Or how about another great quote from another wrestler/body builder?

Be consistent. Be persistent. Work hard. Eat smart. But don't forget to treat yourself.



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