I have writers block

I have writers block. It's the worst...I'm not even a novelist...or 'writer'.

Just a blogger.

We lost a family friend yesterday.

I posted to my Facebook page about how it's tough writing about a loss on social media because you don't want to say something that makes you sound like an attention seeker...especially if it wasn't someone directly related to you or within your realm, or someone that you still love but maybe only see a few random times a yea. The last picture I have of this person is from 2012. He made the entire restaurant sing happy birthday to the Mr.

He was a good man. Always treated me like a little sister. He was young.

While I am be experiencing some writers block about posting healthy habits and reminding you how to stay motivated, I can tell you that I did get to the gym today. I did make healthy meals. I have eaten my portion sizes. Just now posting reminds me to drink my water....(pause while I drink)

 Today's post will be simple. Take it one day at a time. Love yourself. Tell those around you that you love them. And hold on tight. This life is a crazy ride.