January Moderation Challenge

Not doing so good on keeping up with my promise am I? The one where I said I'd be posting more in the New Year?

I have been doing better on my resolution though. Which is putting my overall health first. Trying to get to sleep earlier. Eating vegetables with every every meal. Still getting back on track to exercising. I am working on my sugar moderation and carbohydrate intake.

 Funny enough, I am having a HUGE sugar/chocolate craving right now. I got on Pinterest because I remembered seeing something about banana brownies. Sounded delicious. As I went searching for a recipe, I came across an older post I had written. Not to long ago...a few weeks less then a year ago.

Staring Down the Barrel of a Third Brownie Jan 26th, 2018

The post was about moderation. Wondering if there's a theme, every January, after the Holidays. I have let loose from celebration, stress and let my cravings take over.  This year, I will do my best to be in control of cravings.

Here's a cute little list that might help me...

Maybe I should call my blog Me Vs Sugar. haha

Anyway, I am heading back to binge watching the BBC version of Sherlock on this bitterly cold January night.



Anonymous said…
I'm with you. I totally ate a brownie tonight. Tomorrow is another day.
Amanda Goe said…
We live to fight another day!