New Year...Healthier You

New Year, New You--right? Not sure how many of you decided that this will be the year that you finally get that weight off. Perhaps you have another goal in mind, running a 5k, walking more than 10 minutes a day. Heck, you can even have a great goal of not losing your breath while walking up the stairs or being able to play longer then a few minutes with your kids without feeling tired.

Whatever your goal, there's one thing you have to keep in mind before starting out.

You are doing this for you.

Or even if you're like me and have been working on your goals for a few years. Perhaps you lost weight, and gained some back.

There's still one VERY important rule that you need to remember.

That you are doing this for you and no one else.

Erin's Inside Job does a GREAT job of writing about Why You Need to Choose Health for Yourself 
Erin s a recovery addict. She has a great line on her About me Section that explains a good portion of her blog "Once I learned to use exercise and food as my friend instead of my enemy, I developed a passion for both which I also try and share with you on Erin’s Inside Job." as well as her recovery process. It's a great blog, I recommend checking it out.

She has 3 main points for choosing a 'Health Journey for You'.

1. Not choosing to do this for you, whatever it is that defines your vision of health, sets you up to fail. Sort of like "I want to look hot for my reunion" the reunion will come and pass but if you haven't committed to anything beyond looking good in a dress for the event, the weight will quickly come back.   "At this point, some people may realize how much better they’re feeling, which transitions the change to one they start doing for themselves, but for those who don’t experience that realization it becomes harder and harder to continue a lifestyle that they don’t like or want. Slowly, exercise may taper off and eating habits may start to slip and soon enough they’re right back where they started."
2. You can only control yourself--
  • "If I lose x number of pounds, my significant other will find me more attractive”
  • “If I stop drinking or using, my relationships with my family and friends will be fixed”
  • “I’ll impress my coworkers if I bring healthier lunches to work”
Each of these statements come with an expected result. The problem is that in life, the only thing you can control is yourself—your thoughts, your reactions, and your behaviors. As great as it would be to get other people to behave the way we want them to, it’s simply unfeasible and you are setting yourself up for disappointment every time.

3. "Because you should" dismisses your own feelings. I absolutely have troubles with doing things because I should. I should be doing this and I shouldn't be doing that. I especially do that with my feelings which REALLY gets me into trouble. "I feel like I shouldn't be that mad but I am SO mad." Which in turn just makes me more mad. Accept how you feel. "Take the time to really consider your thoughts and feelings on something before deciding to do it, then own that decision."

Wherever your starting from or wherever your headed on this journey to better health, whatever that may look like for you, feel it in your soul and you will never fail. You may stumble, slip up, get off track, but never fail.