Persistently Consistent

On Sunday I stepped on the Wii Balance board to check my weight. It's been a fun little thing for the whole family to do. We even weigh the dogs.

My parents Wii game has been tracking my weight since I was at my heaviest. It's been fun tracking the ticker and seeing not only the line go down but actually having hard proof...other then pictures...of my ability and just weight loss.

For whatever reason I did not weight myself in 2015 (On the game anyway), but I did weigh myself back in 2014.

Anyway, the point of this story is that the game weighed me in 6 pounds more then my previous weight. In a year in and half the only difference was 6 pounds. Initially it was disappointing. No one...unless you're a weight lifter...really likes to see the scale go up.

But then after a small reality check I had time to think about what those 6 pounds could mean.

I have a small confession, I have pictures I keep of how I look in shorts and a sports bra. When you get down closer to your's time to pitch the scale. In the past two years, my inches have changed, not really my weight. My wiggly parts...while still wiggly, are smaller. Having the pictures helps me to see the smaller changes, beyond the scale.

I don't dedicate NEARLY as much time to lifting as I should. Which would help firm up my wiggly parts, but I'm not a body builder. I LOVE to lift weights, but I am not a body builder. I haven't disciplined myself enough to train the same as body builders do.

Those 6 pounds also mean that I'm not so great at a term called shredding. I'll be looking more into that this year.

What those 6 pounds mean that I have been persistent at my goals.

It doesn't matter what you do. What drives you. It just matters that you keep going. Movement matters. It doesn't have to be fast or hard. While fast and hard are good, know your limits. Some days you won't be ready to go all out in your workout. On those days maybe take a brisk 30 min walk. Practice a modified yoga. 

Those 6 pounds also mean I've been consistent. I make fitness a priority. I make sure that I am regularly getting to the gym OR working out at home, OR balancing my cheat days with super clean days.

Most days, out of the week, I do one thing every day that's good for my physical health. From healthy eating, to exercise. I get something done. That's what matters. Working out once, sporadically, every few months isn't going to help you. You have to be consistent

It's also about being persistent about your consistency.

Routines are great for helping you making good choices. Making meals ahead of time, setting out your clothes the night before, setting your alarm early to get up and go to the exercise; going to the gym, setting out your vitamins so they are ready to take the next day. These are all things that I do.

If I go too long without working out (which for me is about 4 days without exercise) I start dreaming about working out. I dream about lifting weights or running. I know it sounds crazy but if you have the mind set of 'I'm suppose to be working out right now,' or 'Tomorrow for lunch I'll be eating chicken and vegetables, plus a side of fruit'  it will really affect how you feel when you don't make good choices.

You can do this. Keep going. Every day. Stay determined.
"We are what we repeatably do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit" Aristotle

Thank you for stopping by readers! I keep doing this for you and I really appreciate it.