Trying to find my drive

I am officially drive-less. Okay, well not officially. Today I recommitted to planning ahead. I already have breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready to go for tomorrow. Which should help. I also am committing to to running in the morning. I did with carbs and sugars today but I have a confession.

While I've been tracking my weight off and on, the last few days I've watched it steadily go up and up. While it takes more than a few days to see the rise I've been noticing, I can tell you for sure, I've gained one pant size.

Luckily a friend was getting rid of some pants she has that were just a little too big...and they fit. Comfortably.

I have to say for someone who has been able to maintain her weight and write about it for the last two years, it's a little embarrassing to gain a pant size. It has been more stressful in the last few months then in a very long time. Last year was just a tough year in general. Took it's toll on my diet. I've been doing my best on and off.

I remember what each pound felt like coming off. What it felt like dropping each pant size.

I tried to remember where I started.

It helped a little. What's really going to help is to feel better in my own clothing again. To get back to where I worked so hard to get.

All I can do right now is plan ahead and take one day at a time.

Here we go again.