Ode to my toes

Today's post is from the Random File of workout things: First inaugural post.

Why are runners toes the absolute worst? Luckily I work in a salon where they can help me, to somewhat save my toes...but I'm telling you, I'm within like 6 miles of losing one of my toenails.

I have the tendency to lift my big toes when I run. It's not something I particularly tried to do, it just happened. I also have the high tendency to run on the insides of the front of my feet. Again, not something I aim too. So my tread wears thin at the pad of foot near my big toe on the inside. It's when practicing for my first half marathon that I got that amazing blister.

I earned that blister. Now...one of my big toes is turning this awful color.

What does the nail tech say?

It's because your a runner.

I've never oddly been so proud to be 'injured'.

Here's to my hoping the husband says this in the future

Hahaha yes, way to bring back memories of the marathon......glad to know its not just out of shape marathon runners like me but actually runners who get these though! :D:

I won't bother to post a picture of my nasty toes, in case it should cause you to toss your cookies...but spring is on it's way here and then soon followed by sandal whether.

Or in my case, tan lines that begin at my ankle...do you think they'd only spray tan my feet?

But to what avail? I'd just rub it off with my socks...half marathon training starts in July and I couldn't be happier.

                     DIY Home Remedy #7: Blisters and Listerine:


However, my nail tech did say to start running with cotton balls covering my big toes to see if that helps. I've been able to remember to do it once so far. It did make a difference in my run. I'll get back to you though as I begin to pick up my miles over the next few months what the long term effects of running with cotton balls will be like.

For more ways to help your toes check out Runners Connect 'Black and Bruised Toenails; A runners guide to toenail injury prevention'

Blessings everyone,