This Weeks Recipes to Follow

I'm just going to go straight into this week, not much new information. The man has only complained once in the last week about the new diet. I put too much spinach in the egg whites...I'll use less next least he's getting 3 vegetables a day now! That aren't fried or found in sauce!

Breakfast or Meal #1- Pumpkin Bread...I won't bother to give you the was a disaster. Tastes good, but that could be due to the chocolate chips on top, lol! I plan to just eat it and not waste it.
Either pumpkin bread + egg whites + fruit & Peanut butter.
For the man, oatmeal or egg white sandwiches. Or just egg whites and vegetables. There's no set schedule just whatever I feel like or have time to make in the morning.

Meal #2- He continues to eat dried fruit and jerky. I've been sticking to smoothies. Vegan protein smoothies and almond milk or coconut milk.

Meal #3- BBQ Chicken x2 I use this BBQ recipe over shredded plain crock chicken. I ate it with green beans and sweet potato chips (hoping to make some homemade ones soon!)
Italian Chicken Meatballs, didn't get to make them last week.
Brushetta chicken
Chicken + Sauteed Red Cabbage & green beans for me x2 for me
Chicken, Corn, Black Beans for the Man (Cilantro Lime seasoning)
Chicken Tacos (skip the salt)

Meal #4-- Egg Whites, Pumpkin Seeds, + Fruit for me (Hubs skips 4th meal for some reason could be work related...)

Meal #5 Lemon Pepper Chicken
1 pan meal -- just chop chicken, sweet potatoes, and a vegetable up. Toss with olive oil--I actually didn't last time and still turned out great--a few seasonsings, never salt, and bake at 425 for about 25minutes. Make sure to temp your chicken at least 160 or above.
Vegetable Chicken Quinoa soup--I haven't found a recipe for this but I plan to just sautee up some chicken, and toss it in chicken broth, with a ton of vegetables, then add quinoa. Let it simmer on a slow boil to bring out the flavors.
Shrimp with Zucchini noodles for me and shrimp with brown rice for him. (Skip the wine and salt in this recipe)
Fish Tacos! So excited to try out this recipe!
Chicken Drumsticks