Two Words: Paleo Margarita

It's Monday. It's also National Margarita Day.

Today's Post is short. I made my first homemade margarita...I think 2 ounces might be just a BIT to strong for me, but otherwise quite delicious. I picked up this incredibly easy recipe from Against All Grain.
If you have to watch your carbs, or are counting your macro nutrients be advised there is about 36 carbs in this recipe. But it's incredibly worth it.

2 ounces of Tequila (100% agave nectar...I prefer silver/white/blanco, I think it goes down smoother. Her recipe calls for a different brand. I used patron.)
2 ounces of lime juice
1 ounce of honey---holy ca-noly this is where the carbs come from.

Happy drinking.
But drink responsibly.