Bodybuilding Advice from the source

I took a much needed break over the weekend. Not one I intended to take but it was needed all the same. I actually got some good sleep too, which was impressive and made for a better mood the next few days.

Iron Woman and I have attempted two mini Murphs in preparation for the Murph on Memorial Day. We jog half a mile, do 25 assisted pull ups (Whether with a machine or resistance band), 50 push ups, and 75 air squats, then jog another half mile. It's a quick yet semi-brutal workout.

I've also been attempting to do more weight lifting. I haven't had a consistent enough work schedule to dedicate towards a good lifting session but I've been able to accomplish quite a few high rep, low weight workouts.

However, after reading more on I think I need to do heavier weights with lower reps to achieve my desired fat loss, muscle definition goals. Here are two articles I have recently found while doing my research.

The first article is The 40 Laws of Lean by Mike Roussell, Ph. D. (Author, speaker, and nutritional consultant Mike Roussell, PhD is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical habits) It's a great read. Lots of good advice and seriously has me thinking about adding a few more supplements to my regime.  

The second I came across today as I wondered why I wasn't quite hungry in the early evening. Probably mostly because I had coffee so it suppressed my appetite a little bit. Once I ate I felt really good. So I know I made the right decision to snack.
Should I eat if I'm not hungry?  Although it's really a forum there is also some solid advice such as sticking to a calorie goal for the most part. AKA NOT UNDER EATING!!!

There you have it. Bodybuilding advice! I'm attempting to work towards a goal, but with leaning out and muscle definition it takes time and patience. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

One non-scale victory...slightly weird. Right before I went to workout the hubs grabbed my tummy he always does ::insert eye roll here:: and he said 'Hey! It's getting smaller!'
Such a guy response. I took it as a complement instead of smacking him across the head. (I do not support spousal abuse.)

Here's my workout for the week:

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday! I'll be back tomorrow!