Easter Day

I'm pretty big on traditions. With my tiny little family of two plus a fur child, I try to create ones that mean something to us.

I also take the time for my own traditions. Making breakfast, drinking coffee. Watching a show. On Easter it's always church, sometimes a run, and a ham dinner with my side of the family. In years past we've done an Easter egg hunt for the kids on the in law side, but this year it happened on Friday.

Unfortunately today I didn't get to finish one of my traditions, but it still meant a lot for me to be able to at least watch part of it.

It's hard to watch and every time I watch it I cry rivers of tears. The history channel does a great job of depicting the story of The Bible in short form. On Easter I like to watch the last few episodes, especially. It depicts the life of Jesus. I recommend watching it.

I never really willingly watch shows I know I'll cry at. However, this I will watch. Over and over again.

I wish I had better words to describe what this means to me as a Christian, but all I can say is to watch it.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.
Many many blessings