Monday Motivators Week 3

This week I wasn't able to take too many pictures, as my front facing camera on my phone broke. WAAHHHH!!!! So, I got some backwards, weird angle pictures, which aren't the best, but I'll continue to work on my self facing camera game this week.

The man and I have gone on two bike rides in the last few days. We picked up a set of bikes from a swap meet last weekend and so far, they've really helped us get some exercise. The bikes are a bit rough but a pinch on the small side for me, but we'll be able to make some accommodations that help make it a smoother ride overall. For now, I'm just glad I'm getting the man to get some exercise.

 This next picture was from earlier tonight. Oh my gosh it was SO good. It was from a new Paleo restaurant in town. It's sort of a cafe/online/grocery store place. You can order online, but whatever doesn't get picked up OR whatever is left over is made into grab-and-go lunches. I had the herb chicken, carrot sticks, with a mustard sauce. I'm not always a fan of mustard but this was REALLY good with the herb chicken. Included in the meal was also the apple cinnamon trail mix. It was good. Out of this world? It was not bad. I would eat it again.  

I couldn't decide on which Paleo balls I wanted so I got the large pack for $11. Worth it. Super glad they put the double chocolate balls in there. Can't wait to eat those again. I also wanted to try the beet juice they offered. Let's just tasted fresh from the garden. Like, really...fresh...pulled from the dirt fresh.
Okay, it tasted like dirt. But I spent $5 on it, so you better believe I am going to reap all the benefits I can out of dirt tasting juice that I can handle.
The cafe/store/online order is called Evolve Paleo--this is the main link to all their different locations, hopefully you live near one.

Another motivating moment was over the weekend when I realized how blessed I was to have a friend who understands, portion control and being healthy. I tend to be a social eater and drinker. Tend too, so not always, but if I'm not paying attention then I sometime wind up eating too much! However on Saturday night when we were with friends, the wife of this couple was able to say no when she was done eating and no to a another glass of wine. I followed her lead and boy was that helpful.

These 3 things:: Surround yourself with people who like to be healthy, who make good choices. You'll be encouraged when you do. Try something new! You might like it! OR you might not, but at least you attempted to try something different instead of being stuck in a rut! Lastly, try and exercise with your spouse, or your partner, OR a friend. It will help you connect more on a deeper level. It was great getting some exercise as well as being able to tell the hubby everything that was on my brain.

Alright, it's late. Either you need sleep or your day is starting, either I hope it's a good one.
Continue to look for the things that motivate you.