Why I love Easter

I love Easter. It's my favorite time of year. Rather my favorite holiday. For many, many reasons. I personally think it's what my faith is all about. God became man, came down from heaven. Lived as a man.
See in the old testament everyone sacrificed birds and oxen to either make up for their sins or as a peace offering. I wish I could tell you more history about it, other than that...there's a lot of blood in the old testament. Goats, birds, cows, were constantly being slaughtered.
Which as an animals lover...and eater...Why did we sacrifice something that did no wrong? There is a great website called got questions. I usually find some pretty good information on there when it comes to bible related questions. It can get a little lengthy sometimes but as far as I know it is all biblical truth.

I recommend checking out the link above for the full explanation but here is why Easter matters.
"In summation, animal sacrifices were commanded by God so that the individual could experience forgiveness of sin. The animal served as a substitute—that is, the animal died in place of the sinner, but only temporarily, which is why the sacrifices needed to be offered over and over. Animal sacrifices have stopped with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrificial substitute once for all time (Hebrews 7:27) and is now the only mediator between God and humanity (1 Timothy 2:5). Animal sacrifices foreshadowed Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. The only basis on which an animal sacrifice could provide forgiveness of sins is Christ who would sacrifice Himself for our sins, providing the forgiveness that animal sacrifices could only illustrate and foreshadow."

We celebrate Easter because it's a reminded of how much God loved us. He abandoned his only son to sacrifice him for our sins.  
Someone explained it to me once that God spilled the first blood and it had to end with Christ blood. 
"When Adam and Eve sinned, animals were killed by God to provide clothing for them (Genesis 3:21)You may be asking yourself, why animals? What did they do wrong? That is the point—since the animals did no wrong, they died in place of the one performing the sacrifice. Jesus Christ also did no wrong but willingly gave Himself to die for the sins of mankind (1 Timothy 2:6). Jesus Christ took our sin upon Himself and died in our place." (Got Questions)

It is around this time of year that I see the dawning of new life. The tulips start to spring up after a long winter. The birds sing as the sun rises. Spring rain brings life to dead grass. Hope rises as Christ rose from the dead for us. 

Elisha over at Waiting for baby bird wrote a fantastic post about how Miracles Don't Come Easy
"If the pain and heartache of Friday and Saturday hadn’t happened thousands of years ago, then the miracle of Sunday’s resurrection wouldn’t have taken place.There wouldn’t have been the greatest story ever told. Or the biggest miracle ever given. And so this is true with your problems. And your worst moments.You must also get through the tough times…the painful and even unfair gut-wrenching Friday’s and Saturday’s…with hope and faith that the Lord will fulfill His promises and you will also have your Sunday…Your very own amazing story to tell with one of the greatest miracles ever given."

I'm not sure how long you have been lost in the dessert, if you are going through a tough time, if your nights and nightmares just won't end. Know that there is hope and joy at the end of the journey. Jesus can conquer death, he will stop and nothing to see that you experience Joy in the morning.
Sometimes it's easier said then done to believe that joy is coming. I had a friend once say, when hope is to hard to hold, let others hold it for you. Let Christ hold hope for you. Let your friends and family hold hope for you.
You are a brave fighter.
Many blessings on this good Friday