A previous instructor I had from a few years ago was working out in the weight room today. I use the term loosely. Our weight room is good! It's great but it's not your typical heavy uninviting bars everywhere kind of place, that seems intimidating. Our gym is very bright and spread out.
Although I do like the heavy meathead places.

I digress.

Anyway, I'm going pretty hard at the gym today, giving every effort, trying to go all in when I noticed a previous instructor I had. I instantly start paying closer attention to my form, making sure that even though I'm tired, that I'm still giving my all.

Just as I got up to wipe down my mat I turn, trip over a foam roller and land almost on my face.

Yeah, that'll impress her.

I laughed, looked around. Sure enough she saw me.

She chuckled too, said the other day she fell off the treadmill. It made me feel a little better.

Got me to thinking though about other massive gym fails. Here are my favorites.

Too funny. But then I did come across this awesome picture of me from a few years ago, versus today. 

These pictures always make me happy! One way to bounce back from my minor embarrassment. Worth though. Pushed hard and did great at the gym today.

Hope you find a reason to laugh at yourself today as well.