Happy Hour for Paleo-holics

Saturday night I imbibed just a little bit. The best part though was it was easy and incredibly delicious.

Taken from Against All Grains Recipe, I used 2 ounces of 100% Agave Nectar Tequilla, 1 ounce of Agave nectar, and 1 ounce of lime juice plus about 1/4 cup of ice.

I shook it up in a protein blender bottle...who knew you could also use healthy products for some cheats as well ;)

The result was totally worth it.

I think I've posted this recipe before but it's worth mentioning again. Enjoy!

This one also looks good and is found over at Paleomg- Coconut Lime Margarita

I can't verify any of the facts on this next picture, but let's pretend and go with it ;) From Spright an article by Jacklyn, she does link to some studies to back these claims.

I also found this helpful cheat sheet over at Mark's Daily Apple on Drinking while on a Paleo diet

Hope you have great happy hour tonight!