Meal Plan for this Week

I was a mad woman in the kitchen on Sunday! I got everything single meal planned out though for this week and honestly, I'm so excited to eat.

Here's this week's Meny

Breakfast-- Egg whites plus chopped vegetables and 2 energy coffee balls

Meal 2- 2 chocolate pumpkin protein muffins, 1 red delicious apple, and PBFit 

Meal 3- Whole 30 Approved Burrito Bowl x 2, 1 meal I picked up from Eat Fit Go, Italitan Sausage Meatballs--I will try to get the recipe out to you later this week or next more likely--with vegetables

Meal 4-- Protein bars or shakes. I found these awesome bars called Go Macro-which are pretty good for soy/gluten/dairy free bars--

 as well as RXbar I haven't tried it yet but it has simple ingredients and sound like great flavors. I'll keep you posted on how they taste.
The smoothies will more than likely be unsweetened nut milk of some kind and 1 scoop of Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein.

Meal 5-- Whole 30 egg roll in a bowl, black bean cilantro lime chicken (All that plus some seasoning in a crock pot--that's it!), Broiled Salmon with vegetables,  BBQ Pork Ribs with vegetables, Broiled Tilapia with gluten free bread and mixed vegetables.

Pretty light this week. Sunday I have a 5k in the morning. I want to stay on track as much as possible. Eating well but eating to sustain my energy levels. I'll average around 1,800 every day for the week.

Okay, seriously...I'm getting hungry. I don't normally rely so heavily on protein bars, but this just happens to be the week for I guess. I'll be back next week with another updated list. Probably a lot less protein bars and powders. I was just REALLY get sick of hard boiled egg whites.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week and if you know of any high protein snacks that dont' invovle cheese or hard boiled egg whites let me know in the comments, I am in need of some.