Training Schedule: Memorial Day Muprh

I got to really thinking about how I wanted to train for the upcoming Memorial Day Muprh. I was pretty pumped yesterday when I got my stuff, and after signing up for another race I got to thinking about what my goals are for the 2016 Murph Challenge


(Picture from the website). I've opted out of the vest this year...mostly because I don't think I'll have the money together in time for it, but mostly because I haven't been training with it either. If I can find a 5lb vest I might, but not 20. My goal this year is to just be able to do the entire thing, instead half of it. 

I applied my typical training for a run to the Murph. I'll be lifting about 4 days a week, running 1, and yoga 1, then a rest day. 

What I have done before in the past was basically just in crease my long runs by one mile every Sunday. The closer I got to the race, the closer I was to having ran that distance. If that makes sense. I basically took a 20 week program for a half marathon and where every 4th or 5th week I was scaling back as a tapering week and applied that to the Murph. That still didn't make sense did it? Hmmm...

Here's what my schedule looks like.

I will do 20 sets of 3 exercises come Sunday the 29th or Memorial Day--whenever I get to the box to Murph. 

5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. Repeat this 20 times. That's a full Murph. 
Some people like to do all 100 pull ups, all 200 push ups, etc. That's cool, do that if you are prepared but whether it's a brain thing or a recovery thing, I like to do the sets. 

This Sunday I'll do 14 sets of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. Then next Sunday, I'll do 15. 

By Memorial Day I'll be feeling confident, or at least better about achieving my goal. 

I should also disclose, I am planning on purchasing a resistance band to assist me with my pull ups. I'm still struggling to do one, all by myself, but on the weighted machine and with the band, I do great. I have better form and I don't feel like I'm about to pull something. Which is important ;)

June will be more of a recovery month and then gearing up for training for the half starting in July. 

I'm getting so excited for this warmer weather and the Happy Hour Runs at the running store in the city. Can't wait! Here I come Summer 2016!