#MurphChallenge2016 Photo Book

When a solider/warrior goes into battle they have a suit of armor they put on.
For us, today, ours included arm bands, headphones, and a set of gloves. To us it didn't matter how many sets we finished or how quickly we finished every step was in honor of those who have fallen in the line of duty.
It was an honor to complete each step with my battle buddies today.

(Before and during the Murph)

 (Pull ups with resistance bands)

 (Roo after he took his vest off)

(This one probably doesn't really need an explanation. Just getting stuff done)

 (Iron Woman and I before and after)

I know we completed this one day early but it didn't make it any else important. Tomorrow, time to relax and remember those who we have lost. As well as remember the families that are missing loved ones from their BBQ before of their sacrifice.