The Next Great Challenge:: Not Loggin my food

I go through phases of my fitness and health journey where I religiously track my food to the last ounce and mostly ignoring everything I put in my mouth while minimally logging my food.

This week I have challenged myself to try and lose some of the weight I put on this last week but without logging my food. I will keep a loose track of my carbs while keeping in mind low glycemic carbs and high protein.

Two meals, so far, so good. LOL, I kind of blew it yesterday with Memorial Day and all the carbs, but it was all in good nature. Back on track today.

Even completed day 8 of the #PlanforPCOS challenge. 45 seconds down.

I'm hoping I'll do great at this challenge.

I know how to log my food. I've gotten good at, however I still gained weight. Mostly because I was ignoring how many carbs I was eating. I honestly was just logging my food to log it, to be honest with myself...and with you.  Logging your food is a great resource tool to help you build muscle, lose weight, and generally make you more aware of what you are and aren't eating.

It's a great tool, but as my mom says about being and nurse and trying to lose weight 'I'm a nurse, I know what to do, I just don't do it!' 

So while I know how many carbs I should have, I just still eat to many!

So the next great challenge, I know how to eat now. I know how to exercise. The hard part is keeping my snacks healthy and sugar/carb/treats low. I am going to try this steps...not logging my food but eating healthy.
Stay tuned. I'll keep you posted on my progress :)