Training/Planking/Confession Update

Day 2 of plank challenge complete. Complete with doggie kisses from the weekend furry house guest.

I was basically forced into the kiss, but I won't say I hate it. The fur guest is missing her people please say prayers that she settles in and doesn't miss them too much. 

Had a great training session with Iron woman on Sunday. I think we are ready for the Memorial Day Murph this weekend! 

Then next Sunday, June 5th, Half training starts!!! I'm excited to do this with my dad. My brother and his new wife will also be running, so it's going to be a really fun event. 

Lately I have been thinking about how thankful I am to be healthy. I am thankful that I don't have Fibromyalgia. Something that a few of my family members suffer from. Someday, when I do have kids, it will be so nice to be able to enjoy them and not worry about the pain I feel. I am thankful that I have working arms and legs to keep me moving. I have mostly healthy insides. I am thankful for the body I have. I wish I had spent more time appreciating it over the years. Instead of saying things mean things to myself. 
I should say these things over my mind as well. I often feel 'stupid'. Like I am not 'smart enough'. I struggle with that quite a bit.  
I am smart. Maybe not in the conventional way. I have always had to study twice as hard to get something that came naturally to my brother and my sister. What I lacked in education, I always tried to make up for in everything else I did. 
I need to get better about falling in love with my brain. Instead of when I make a mistake being angry and frustrated with myself I need to say 'oops. moving on.' 
Give it no more attention than the mistake needs. Especially when it's not even a big one. 

What a journey to overall health and self love. I am getting there one step at a time.

(I think this is an Army reference, but it seemed so fitting to me! Embracing what is and moving on. Just funny, I totally giggled.) 



Anonymous said…
Nice seeing you today! You don't remember those trumpet lessons much do you. Do you know how I know? 1 of the 1st lessons I teach is how to learn, and the 2nd lesson is that mistakes are not character flaws, they are mistakes that can be corrected and learned from. The operating word in this is OOPS! And for those with a larger vocabulary, "well isn't that interesting?" You are not dumber than your brother or sister, you learn differently. The time it takes you to study doesn't indicate anything about your intelligence. Read your posts! Good Lord woman! Could a stupid person write those? Heck NO!
Amanda Goe said…
It was nice seeing you today!
Thank you, those were words I definitely needed to hear.
LOL, I remember some of the lessons, but not that one. I will have to carry that with me.
Isn't it funny how it's easy to advocate for others sometimes and not ourselves.
I am often reminded that I do need to take my own advice. LOL
As my mother says "I'm a nurse, I know what to do. I just don't do it."
It's funny too because I can here you screaming "Good Lord Woman!"
Thank you for your words. My smart self & I are off to write another post :)