Week 8: Motivation Monday #ROCKCLOCK

Sorry about that disappearing act. Things have been crazy. The hubs and I have two weddings, not this weekend but next. Seriously. Back to back. A wedding Friday and a wedding Saturday. One of the mans best buddies and my brothers!! Yikes!

So I'll be in and out the next few weeks again. We have family coming into town and a few different parties we'll be attending. It's going to be nuts.

For now, I am sticking to my normal posting schedule as much as possible. It's motivation Monday! And what better way than to kick it off with Body Positivist Week?

 I had a good run yesterday. My GPS was wacky so the first mile was off a bit but I finished well.

Plus this very random, on the loose puppy dog started running next to me. It was the cutest thing. I just assumed his owner wasn't too far behind me but the boy didn't look like there was anyone near him. I kept running, I should have stopped to grab him and check his collar but he seemed happy and free. He made me feel happy and free. It felt fantastic to have a friend to run with. When I started to register to grab his collar he took off down the street. He was all about enjoying the sun yesterday. I couldn't blame him.

 Have you heard of the Rock Clock? I am in love with with Dwayne Johnson as a person. Not only does he have a genuinely motivating personality. He is very much about encouraging every one towards their dreams. Whether it's rebuilding your life, or just trying to obtain a new goal, he would be the person you call first to say 'What do you think?', he would only respond with "Go get at them goals!"

I digress, the Rock Clock is an alarm clock to can set to wake you up every morning with a fun tune or a hard core tune. With every alarm every morning also comes a motivating video (so far the videos are of him hitting the gym...what's more motivating then that?) and images with quotes (such as the one above). Plus the app is completely free! 

Buzzfeed is celebrating body positvity week! Check out all their posts here! That's what I'll be posting about all week! Or whenever I can get on this week to post.
Wish me luck, hope to be back soon!