Weight Loss Journeys

A few weeks ago as I was talking about my goals and wondering what some of yours might be, I started looking for other people's weight loss stories. How did they lose, how much did they lose? It's very interesting to see where people's fitness journeys have taken them. However, no matter what activity they decided to take up, no matter how long it took them to get to where they are, there is a common theme running through each of the stories. I'll share four I've found online and then a friends.

The first story is from Anita over at Live Like You Are Rich. She lost 80 pounds in a year. After the birth of her second child.

"I’ve done no sugar diets, low fat diets, low carb diets, weight watchers, worked out 2-5 hours a day, and many other kinds of weight loss strategy diets before. I’ve been successful at almost everything I’ve tried except that the next life change I’ll gain the weight back. I’ve found that I lose weight and keep it off the best when I focus on a complete lifestyle change and especially when I focus on my diet. I’ve heard that 70% of weight loss is what you eat. And that has proven true for me. When I start slipping up on my eating habits I regain the weight I’ve lost."

Arielle from Buzzfeed shares a list of 17 things that helped her lose 85 pounds!

Don't give up on yourself. Track your water, food, and activity intake & levels. EAT BREAKFAST! Celebrate Non-scale Victories, and these are just a few peices of her great advice.

Kristin over at Everythings Always Sunny her biggest peice of advice was actually changing your mindset to happier things.

Her entire blog is dedicated to happiness. You can't be feel happy and sunny after you read one of her blog posts.

Shape Magazine has a great article covering 6 inspiring men and women who have lost over 100 pounds. Their stories are incredible.

Holly Lost 240 pounds! Each and everyone of them have great pieces of advice. 
Lastly is a friend of mine, Nicole who recently became a beach body coach. 

She's lost of 70 pounds! Her journey has also taken her quite a bit of time, but it's also been early mornings and while raising two kids! 
She's having a blast with her Summer Challenge, Check out her page, and join in and get inspired and motivated to get heatlhy! (Because you've always been beautiful)