Climbing a Mountain

I will be attempting to eliminate all sugar and grains during the week for the next few weeks. Originally I was going to start last Friday and do a 21 day detox but, not only have I not been motivated, but we've had fun activities that involved food. With training picking up as well I am looking for more natural ways to boost my energy during run instead of using caffeine (I'll be posting about this tomorrow!) 

Recently, I lost all my ambition. I feel like I have failed my readers by not staying motivated enough. I've had some trouble with my depression lately and that's a large reason for not having a drive and letting my diet slip, as well as my blogging habits. However, it won't keep me down. It's not an excuse, it's just another mountain to conquer. I did well today.

I started tracking my food again. Trying to keep my carbs below a certain number. I also only made it half was through the plank challenge. I'd like to start that over again starting tomorrow.

I saw this quote recently and thought how well it applied to the last few weeks of how I've been feeling.

Being disciplined has really helped me stay close to the wagon...even if I have fallen off I am walking slowly beside it.

One things for sure, I am glad to be back in training.

Bless you all.
Stay safe.
1 John 418