I really didn't mean to be gone

I'm not sure what happened. One day it was Tuesday and the next thing I know...I hadn't blogged in almost 5 days.

It was Sunday Runday. I'm surprised after 2 glasses of wine and being up till almost 2am that I still got out in the 77 degree heat at 8 in the morning.

(Fine Fit Day)

I wish I had more time to post, but I am committed to going to a new church with my sister in law tonight! I'm very excited about it and don't want to be late. Which means I need to leave...in 5 minutes. 

Then we have plans with the second oldest nephew after church....Goodness, when did my summer get so crazy???

I also wish I had more words for that horrible tragedy that happened in Orlando today. My heart and prayers go out to families of those that lost there loved ones.

For now, I am off.
Stay safe everyone.