Leg & Knee Pain

I've been walking and running my tail off for the last week. Runner (the pup I'm currently dog sitting) has to go on a walk to do his business. I'm supposed to run again tomorrow, but I think other than taking him around the block twice my legs need a break. OR an Epsom salt bath.
OR an ice bath! (I'm sorry I'm not being totally grammatically correct by starting a sentence with OR.)

I have also gotten plantar fasciitis a little bit. I even had a massage yesterday! I think it's the fact that I also keep switching between running shoes and flat shoes. I might have to permanently give up flat shoes for rest of the week.

I'm going to pull back on my walks. Stop wearing flat shoes. Ice my knees and feet. Strengthen my hips as well.

And sit here and enjoy my dinner and Harry Potter movie until it's time to go to bed.

Figure me for the short post. I am exhausted and I'm a hurting fool.