#LemonFaceChallenge for PCOSlemons

There's this really neat movement on Twitter called #LemonFaceChallenge for PCOS. It was started by @PCOSGurl to help raise awareness for PCOS. With PCOS affecting 1 in 10 women it's disheartening to learn that it receives less than .1% funding for research.

PCOS more than just affect your ovaries. If left untreated it could lead to more serious health issues such as ovarian cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, just to name a few. PCOS is a 'sour deal'. That's why I am taking the Lemon Face challenge to help raise awareness.

It's simple really. All you have to do is take a lemon wedge and put it in between your teeth, like a mouth guard.

All my thoughts biting into a lemon, as told in pictures.

  • Here goes!
  • Hope no one judges my chipped nail polish. At least it's yellow?
  • Hey, this isn't so bad, why was I nervous to do this?

Taking it out however...totally different story. AK! WOAH! Yeah...that's quite a taste.

I can see how this relates to having PCOS very much. Receiving the PCOS diagnosis can be life altering. Sour. It's hard to change your diet, your entire life just to be able to even manage your symptoms. Sometimes even after things start to seem on track, out of no where your symptoms throw you for a loop.

I do my best to watch my diet and consume ZERO gluten and tiny to ZERO soy. Last night my husband was grilling us steaks and he was about to put the new marinade on them. I had to hollar at him to stop! The ingredients list on it included wheat and soy!
We had a minor fight because he stated that I liked his cooking, why change it now?
I had to explain to him again that it's not that I don't like his cooking it's that the soy plays with my estrogen and the gluten upsets my stomach. I appreciate that he cooks for me, he just needs to pay attention to the ingredients list.
See sour. A well meaning hubby and some bad ingredients.
4 years after my diagnosis while most of the time I am really good at managing my PCOS, sometimes life happens and I am unable to get head of it.

Help spread awareness. We need more funding. Help the 1 in 10.