Motivation Monday

I'm officially two days into training.

I tried to work more on training. I tend to want to just GO FAST! I want the best time possible. I want to lower my minutes and reach that under 25 minute marker for a 5k. However, I'm not training for a 5k. Ultimately I'm training for a marathon. A full one! 26.2 miles. (I think I've said that before, lol...yeah I'll probably remind us all again how many miles that is.) I need to work on my endurance. I also need to slow my minutes per mile, as odd as that sounds.
I have to be able to maintain the mile per minute though. Ultimately can I sustain a 9 min 30 second mile for 26/2 miles? Nah. Not really. However, I could probably sustain a 10min 30 sec mile. I need to remind myself throughout these next few months that it's okay to go slow.

Confession: I ended up logging my meals today. I somewhat enjoyed not logging my foods, however I made some poor food choices the last few days and it shows. I have been retraining my brain though. Instead of thinking 'I'm fat. I've gained so much weight'. I am telling myself. I am healthy. Technically I don't need to lose weight, I just need to watch WHAT TYPE of carbs I am taking in.
Tomorrow night will be another cheat meal, so I will try and space my carbs so that I can have a few pieces of pizza at the end of the day. Today I did log my food, and it worked out well. I did it AFTER I ate and turns out I did a good job of taking in protein! I ate quite a bit of simple carbs, which wasn't smart but I'll work on it.

I am thinking of doing another sugar detox or a whole 30 or a massive Paleo food thing. I will keep you posted on this. I will have to do it before the miles get longer though because I will need more simple carbs for energy once the miles get longer. I also have to figure out what the heck to eat again before a half marathon as well as full! I'm so pumped about this challenge. It's good to push yourself. Try something new. Up your game!
What's your game? What's your next great challenge? Next adventure? Is it running outdoors? Is it logging your food for a whole month? Is it cutting out processed food?
Find your next big challenge. It can be anything!

I know I talk a lot about running and there's even proof that it's good for your brain! But you have to find something that will fit into your lifestyle! What makes sense to you and your next adventure!

And this awesome little nugget of a picture

Alright I gotta get outta here. We're having a TP crisis. LOL! We're out and I need to run to the store!