Somewhat Natural Energy Boosts for Long Runs

I'm looking for more natural ways, aside from your typical caffeine boost, on my long runs. After hearing that some people use jelly beans as a 'fuel additive' I started to wonder what other things would work?

Dried fruit is probably a top pick. You could carry a baggie of apricots if you wish. Some how little pieces of stuff almost sound like too much work, especially if you're trying to maintain a speed. I found a product last year called 'That's It'

I'm not sure how they're made. The only ingredients listed on this flavor are apples and pears! That's it! I am assuming they make it with some kind of gelatin, however they are super delicious and easy to pull out on a long run plus, you'd have the wrapper to hold onto inside of either reaching into your baggie all the time or getting dried fruit residue on your hands.

Another client told me about these Honey Stingers she found at Scheels. I am bound and determined to get some of these.

They even have protein bites, made from Pea Protein! Most of these are full of sugar though, I'm not opposed to some sugar before and during my long runs but I would like to still try and stick to more natural sugar.

I did try your run of the mill gummy bears over the weekend, not bad. Not quite the boost I was looking for but somewhat sustained me.
My thought process is that along the lines of quick carbs for the energy. I might try protein powder and Oatfit Oats before the run for sustained energy.

I don't want to over consume the sugar and end up with a gut ache in the middle of the run either.

I might try to make my own! Again, there's sugar in it though. I just might not be able to avoid the sugar, since I'm essentially looking for the quickest boost.
There's a good recipe on Trail Runners

Shape Magazine Even has 12 Alternatives to Chews and Goo's.

Plenty of options that I will keep playing around with and keep you updated on what works for me during training :)


here's an easy recipe: Take berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or black berries and mash them up in a food grinder or food processor. Pour the goo into a sauce pan and heat on medium, stirring until it boils. Add 2 pkgs of unflavored gelatin a little at a time, whisking to dissolve in between additions. Pour onto a wax paper covered cookie sheet and stick in the refrigerator until solid. Remove from wax paper and cut into bite sized pieces and put in a baggie. I've also done this with cherries, peaches and plums.
Amanda Goe said…
Oh that sounds great!! Thanks for the recipe!!