Expecto Patronum

. It's been one of those weeks. Not bad. Just trying to stay two steps ahead of the dementors. The news on TV broke my heart. My prayers and thoughts are with the hurting families and friends of those lost over the last few months.

I don't know about you but wanting to stress eat is crazy high right now. All I want are chips and s'mores. But mostly buttered popcorn. 
The perfect sweet and salt combination....I Should stop talking. 

I am watching two more dogs this weekend. It's so nice to have so many furry animals hanging out. Good for the soul. Boy, are these two are cute!

A cocker named Barrington, How cute! He's a lover. At 11 his bark is worse than his bite. He grumbles a little when the other dogs walk by while he's eating but it's mostly just for show. As well as a husky lab mix who is timid and shy, and not up for picture taking right now. An adorable sweetheart.

It was a good run on the 4th. One of the last 4milers I did I hit a wall. I've started to employ a run walk run method that is really working. It keeps my mind focused and my body injury free. I haven't figured out a split for it, quite like the Jeff Galloway method, right now I run until I feel like I need to walk then I slow to a brisk walk but I make sure to pick it back up.

Sometimes when I run I like to think of people who might need extra prayers. I ran for a few people on Monday. For my dad, who is need/want of an accounting job. For my aunt who ran/walked her first 5k on Monday. For all the soldiers currently deployed and who are fighting for me freedom. Our freedom. How many walks of life and religions they all come in. I ran for those who have come before me. Who have sacrificed for me. For my future babies. (OH I'm going to get those babies, no matter how long it takes.)
It occurred to me during the run that God's voice is still and small when he speaks to us. Not a constant nagging or negativity. He never blames or tells you you're worthless. He loves you and values you. 
In times like this, it's almost easy to watch the news and get caught up in it. To hear all the negativity.
What would I say to my future nieces and nephews when my brother and his wife have babies? Will they be safe? 
I don't have answers. I know though, that God is with us. He loves us. He will be with us during whatever may come. With God I have joy. Expecto Patronum (I await a guardian) My guardian, my joy.

Stay safe everyone.