Fitness Friday: Video of the Week

I'll have to get back to Iron Woman's amazing insight about there being no such thing as junk miles. I really want to do the post and her justice, so I am doing more research, finding more quotes, I will post it next week or on Sunday Runday ;)

As for now, I am loosely getting back into a yoga practice. I've missed it. I always feel better after I practice a yoga session. The stretching and movement help me feel one with my body. Yoga also helps quite my mind. I can focus on phrases such as 'let go. peace. love. happiness.' 

I just have to actually work into my workout schedule, one step at a time ;)

I discovered this awesome YouTube channel called Yoga with Adrienne

This was last weeks session. It felt so good. Adrienne is a good instructor. It's worth a watch if you are at all interested in yoga.
I think adding yoga into your routine whether for weight loss or for anxiety, it's a great addition to your exercising. It helps you enjoy the journey just a little bit more.
I used to go to yoga every week for almost two years. Then I started sleeping in and lifting. LOL, not great for my mind, but good for my body.

I'm slowly adding one day of yoga back into my workout routine.

I'm off to work. 
Blessings everyone, have a good Friday!